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Atlantic Installation Company can design and install the best work centers for your service technicians.


  • All welded steel construction using 14, 16, and 18 gauge steel
  • Easy and quick access to the lift control by sliding the unit out
  • Allows for face mounted lift controls
  • Access to the lift control on both sides for service and installation
  • Offered for Rotary Mechanical, Rotary inground SmartLift®, ShockWave®, Challenger, and Challenger AquaVantage®
  • Open back for clear access for plumbing and electrical access
  • Doors include full length formed handles with ergonomic aluminum handle extrusions
  • Stainless Steel leveling feet
  • Pre punched holes in the top for installation of our wood or stainless steel work surfaces
  • Removable kick plates for access to leveling and cleaning
  • Heavy duty locks that can be keyed alike with multiple cabinets
  • 2” round knock outs in the side panels for electrical pass through access
  • Made in USA

Product Categories

  • Oil Catch Storage Locker
  • Overhead Cabinet
  • Monitor Cabinet
  • Pullout Keyboard
  • Technician Locker Storage
  • Upright Wall Support
  • Stainless Steel Countertops w/ DripEdge
  • Power & Data Ports
  • General Storage Base Cabinets w/ Shelves
  • Lift Control Cabinets
  • Tool Storage
  • Trash/Recycling Storage
  • Roll Cart Lockers
  • Removable Kickplates


  • Keyed Locks
  • Power Supply
  • Data Jacks
  • LED Task Lighting
  • Computer Storage
  • Locker Storage Cabinet
  • Overhead Lift Cabinet
  • Riser Shelves
  • Technician Cart
  • Upright Wall System

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