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Carton flow is a shelving system that utilizes gravity to move products through the rack, enabling efficient storage and picking. It is specifically designed for handling smaller units such as cartons, totes, or cases. The system consists of inclined roller tracks or lanes that enable products to flow smoothly from the loading end to the picking end. With a carton flow system, your facility can experience improved efficiency, increased productivity, and up to a 50% increase in storage capacity for most products. Additionally, it provides better inventory control and visibility on stored products, eliminating the guesswork of shelf life dates and ensuring that older items are picked first.

Atlantic Installation Company offers turn-key project management and installation services for Carton Flow in warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial facilities. From the beginning to the end of your project, we provide free quotes, site visits, rental equipment arrangements, fasteners, extended preventative maintenance, inspections, and emergency repair packages for you and your customers. Our project management team oversees the entire project from start to finish. Our uniformed installation team is manufacturer-certified and has a combined 90 years of experience. They have the expertise to seamlessly receive, install, maintain, and expand your Carton Flow Systems. 

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