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Conveyor Systems are the first step in automating your warehouse, distribution center, industrial plant or manufacturing facility. They can transport boxes, bins, pallets and more throughout your facility, making better use of space, energy and labor. Conveyor Systems can transport your products more efficiently to shipping areas. Gravity and Power Conveyors, Pneumatic and Photo- Eye Conveyors, Cable Drive and Drive-Line Conveyors, Lift Gates and Cross-Overs, Incline/Decline Conveyors, Sorting Systems, and High-Speed Scanning Systems are all in our portfolio of expertise.

Atlantic Installation Company is able to offer turn-key Project Management and Installation services for every type and manufacturer of Conveyor Systems for your warehouse, distribution center or industrial facility. From concept to completion we will provide free quotes and site visits, rental equipment arrangements, fasteners, and our extended preventative maintenance, inspections and emergency repair packages to you and your customers. Overseeing the entire project from start to finish, our Project Management team, along with our team leads will ensure timely execution of all aspects of the installation. Our experienced installation team is manufacturer-certified to efficiently receive, install, maintain and expand your Conveyor System.

When moving or improving your warehouse or facilities, Atlantic Installation Company can provide the same great services listed above to dismantle, stack, and ship via flat-bed or van to your new facility’s location. We will quickly and safely receive and install the material so that your operations are not interrupted. Our ability to accomplish this year after year has allowed Atlantic Installation Company to maintain a presence in the Material Handling Installation Industry for over 25 years.

For a free quote, contact us today and we will get right back to you with available options that fit your budget & the needs of your business.


  • Unit and Pallet Handling Conveyance
  • Motor-Driven Rollers
  • Zero-Pressure Accumulation
  • Flexible Powered for Loading/Unloading
  • Automated Stretch Wrappers
  • Gravity & Powered Systems
  • Incline & Decline Conveyors
  • Lift Gates
  • Cross-Overs
  • Sorters and Diverts

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