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Catwalks are essential for maximizing space and organization, improving safety, efficiency, and access for maintenance. They’re an excellent component to add high-density storage in any facility. They can connect different parts of your facility or other buildings and are completely customizable to your specifications. They generally consist of an overhead beam with shelving, upright supports, and decking or bar-grating to provide a walkway. Additional materials include stairs, netting, safety gates, and guardrails making them a safe and modular solution for your operation.


When searching for a catwalk for your facility, there are several options to consider, which depend on specific factors, preferences, and operational needs. Firstly, Floor-supported catwalks provide a suitable walkway between storage or conveyor systems. They are ideal for facilities with limited ceiling height or installing the catwalk at a specific level. Next, Ceiling-hung catwalks are suspended directly from the ceiling and offer excellent visibility into the operation. They are ideal for facilities with high ceilings and can be installed without disrupting the existing layout. Finally, Structure-Supported catwalks are typically installed within the existing warehouse structure at various heights. They are ideal for facilities with inconsistent ceiling heights and accommodate different storage systems and equipment.

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Types of Catwalks and Optional Equipment

  • Ceiling-Hung
  • Floor- Supported
  • Structure-Supported
  • Stairs
  • Guardrails
  • Safety Gates
  • Safety Netting
  • Bar Grating
  • Decking

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