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Self-Supporting Structures

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Free-standing mezzanines are self-supporting structures that do not rely on existing structural components, such as shelving or racking. Instead, they are supported by structural columns installed in the deck itself. Like other mezzanines, they can improve workflow, efficiency, and throughput due to increased accessible additional storage. They also provide sufficient support for an office or working space. Free-standing mezzanines are an extremely modular and flexible solution that requires minimal changes to the building’s construction and can be easily relocated once assembled.

For a free-standing mezzanine, it’s important to consider several factors. Firstly, the weight capacity should be determined based on foot traffic and your specific loading requirements. The weight and types of material will influence the construction and materials needed for your intended use. Some mezzanines can be used for dual purposes, such as office storage or order picking, depending on your business needs. Consider the dimensions of your existing space as well. The ceiling height should allow for additional storage without disrupting the operations below. If your facility has odd dimensions, uneven ceiling height, or space constraints, a custom-built mezzanine may be the best option.

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