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A Rack-Supported Mezzanine can be installed above or between pallet racks and directly supported by the columns on the floor to provide extra storage space. This solution is cost-effective and doesn’t require additional construction or land due to its modular design. It offers flexibility to meet various needs within your facility, supporting a mezzanine floor for storage, conveyor support, or office space, allowing you to maximize the total cubic measurement of your facility. It is easy to disassemble and can be reused according to your facility’s needs. This solution improves workflow and throughput, providing unobstructed space on the lower floor and flexible utilization of the upper floor.

When evaluating your options for a rack-supported mezzanine, it’s important to consider the following, The most critical aspect is The structural integrity of the system you choose ensuring that the racking system and mezzanine are built to withstand the loads of usage and any equipment mounted on them. The space should also provide open height zones that can effectively accommodate your needs. Finally, choosing a modular and extendable mezzanine that can handle future business expansion and adjustments is advisable.

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