Welding Screen Industrial Curtain

Another Successful Industrial Curtain Project from Atlantic Installation Company

A steel manufacturer, and long-time customer that was moving into a brand new facility had contacted Atlantic Installation to design an industrial curtain partition for their welding area. Due to recent OSHA requirements this customer needed to collect and filter out the soot from their manual and robotic welding machines – and a industrial curtain partition was the perfect solution. Added onto the challenge of a 26’H ceiling they also had installed a 5-ton bridge crane that they use to bring in oversized raw steel. Atlantic Installation designed and installed an industrial floor-to-ceiling curtain partition with yellow weld screen windows, pedestrian strip door and a forklift access doorway that satisfied their requirements, all the while working with their existing bridge crane and without interrupting their busy operations.

Atlantic Installation Company’s motto “We Install It All!” is being brought to the next level. Please contact us for any questions on custom industrial curtain partitions.


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