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This was an exciting installation project for a longstanding customer in their busy fulfillment center. Atlantic Installation was tasked with creating and installing a maintenance catwalk mezzanine for accessing belted trash lines above their takeaway conveyor. The main purpose of this catwalk is to clear carton blockages and provide access to belts and components for repairs.

To ensure the success of this project, Atlantic Installation developed a staggered column configuration to support a 98’L x 48”W x 120″H structural steel catwalk. The catwalk was furnished with straight ladders, bar grating, and floor-mounted handrails, which were installed along the conveyor lines. The Atlantic Installation team started work according to the customer’s schedule to minimize service disruption. We referred to the design drawings and the installation area to determine the necessary techniques, particularly rigging. At times, we had to work longer hours to meet the schedule, but we managed to make the necessary field adjustments for the straight ladders and completed the project on time.

Technical installation projects like this one are the ideal way to mark Atlantic Installation’s impending 35th anniversary. We eagerly anticipate the upcoming one! If you need expert installation services, give us a call or use the contact form on our website.

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