Improved Tire Storage

A long-term client in the automotive sector approached the Atlantic Installation team, to expand their tire storage capacity and modernize their storage facilities to accommodate their growing business. Their primary challenge was to increase the tire storage locations, so we decided to address the issue by designing and integrating a pallet rack-supported work platform. We collaborated with the client’s existing architectural drawings to create a customized layout that would maximize the use of their available space while ensuring easy access to their current equipment.

We incorporated a tire drop area and an OSHA-compliant stairway into our design to facilitate the safe storage and retrieval of tires on the upper level, providing our client with improved visibility into their current storage and inventory. The installation involved dismantling the rivet racking and existing shelving, and then reconstructing the work platform from the ground up. By referring to the photos, you can see the significant difference between their previous inventory storage and our customized solution.

We are pleased to have had the chance to make this a satisfying experience for our client. We look forward to the next opportunity to assist them on their journey. If you are searching for a similar solution, call us or visit our website’s contact form.

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