In-Plant Office Installation: A How To Guide

The Atlantic Installation team would like to take you through the installation process of a modular in-plant office. While it may seem daunting, you’ll be surprised at just how simple installing an in-plant office can be. Your in-plant office can expand, reconfigure, or relocate as your company evolves and its needs change. In-plant offices are a great way to create a functional workspace within your manufacturing or warehouse facility. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

The first step is to prepare the floors and ensure a level and stable surface for the office to be installed on. Clear and clean the area where the office will be installed, and make sure the floor is free from any obstacles to ensure a smooth installation. Next, according to the instructions, you want to mark and chalkline the floor; this will represent the outside dimensions of the in-plant office.

Next, locate the base channel and place it on the chalk line. Anchor the ends of the base track and install intermediate anchors into the base track. When placing another base channel in line with the first clamp the channels together with a quick clamp. This helps keep the two channels in alignment and reduces the chance of movement while anchoring. Some of the base tracks will require cutting to length to allow for doorway openings and corners. Remember to clean as you go to minimize the dust and debris created during this initial part of the installation.

The next step in the process is to start in a designated corner and begin by standing the walls. First, locate and place a corner post into position. Then, place a wall panel into the corner post. After that, locate and install the other wall panel into the corner post. If the office is to be located off an existing wall, find the wall-start channel and anchor it to the existing wall. Next, install the first wall panel into the wall-start channel. Then, install the line post into the wall panel. It is critical to maintain the correct centerline measurement of the line post as shown in the assembly drawings.

Once the walls are assembled, align the vertical studs and place the top cap. Start by securing tek screws where the base track and top cap meet the wall starter/corner post, as well as the line post. It’s crucial to ensure that the line posts are straight and level. Proceed to install the posts and wall panels around the perimeter, ensuring they are plumb and level. Follow the assembly drawing to position the door openings, windows, and air conditioning panels. Then, attach the roof deck, main tees, cross tees, and acoustic ceiling panels. Finish the installation by adding the entry door, and windows, and completing the electrical and ventilation work. Even though you now have the instructions to install an in-plant office yourself, sometimes it’s better to leave it to the professionals.  Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or through our contact form if you need help with your modular in-plant office requirements.

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