Maximizing the Cube

Our client recently moved to a new facility and contacted us about getting new storage for their small parts inventory. They needed a modular and functional solution that would provide easy access and better insight into their fast-moving items sold through their e-commerce platform. Atlantic Installation had the pleasure of designing and installing a 30’ 7” x 32’ 2” Western Pacific Storage Solutions Shelving-Supported, Two-Level Work Platform Mezzanine for them. To access the upper level of the work platform, we added a closed OSHA stair and an IBC guard rail for added security and safety.

By utilizing this design, our client was able to reduce the footprint of their previous storage area by using a pick tower, consolidating and maximizing their usable space in their new facility. This allowed for easy organization and accessibility, and the configuration can be adjusted to accommodate changing SKUs. The design of the Western Pacific Storage Solutions shelving accommodates bin units that can be added to create smaller storage units, and repositionable dividers make it easy to store a wide range of items, from automotive parts to documents.

This scalable storage space allows our client’s distribution operation to grow alongside their demand. If you’re interested in having a similar solution designed and installed for your distribution operation, please give us a call or visit our website’s contact form.

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