Pallet Flow

Recently, a customer we’ve worked for requested a pallet flow solution for their busy distribution facility in the Midwest. We coupled this installation with a conveyor project in the same facility. The AI Team felt it was important to highlight this project to demonstrate a well-organized, semi-automated warehouse and what these improvements can do for your business.

This 7-lane, 32.5’ x 12.5’ pallet flow system was designed by our in-house staff with easy loading, storage, and depalletization in mind. Focusing on a full case pick, it can hold 21 pallets, with 3 pallets deep per lane and 1 pallet high. Situated at the beginning of 200 feet of powered and gravity conveyor and close to their existing pick station, it allowed the fulfillment staff to maximize their semi-automated picking operation by decreasing walking and having to search for their highest-performing products.

We designed this pallet flow to include a pallet return in the middle of the structure. Once empty, the team could turn the pallet vertically and send it to the back of the structure to easily remove pallets from the picking area. This ergonomic design is a great solution to reduce clutter, keep a keen eye on the inventory in a high-volume pick station, and keep the customer’s operation organized.

Take a look at the photos below and give us a call or visit our website’s contact form if you need a custom solution for your business.

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