Mac Rak Rack Repair Advantage Bolted NPD TDF

Rack Repairing Is Caring

Mac Rak Rack Repair Advantage Bolted NPD TDF

An Electrical/IT supply company contacted Atlantic Installation to repair rack which had been badly damaged. The decision to repair the upright was determined on the price and the speed at which Mac Rak, our go to manufacturer of rack repair kits, could manufacture one of their kits in order to allow the customer to return to normal operations. Because the height of the first beam level was at 8′ high, the upright column had been damaged up until the beam, so a 9′ high (!!!) Advantage Repair Kit with a Non-Protruding Deflector 12″H was installed, allowing for the re-installation of their first beam level. After a couple of hours the pallet rack was returned to full capacity service.

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