Utilizing Vertical Space

One of our customers in the plumbing supply space approached us about an expansion they recently added to their facility. While their footprint is small they serve a city-wide and beyond clientele. To serve their clients more effectively and with minimal to no service disruption, our customer wanted to add more flexible storage places for their small to medium product line in this area while still having the possibility to add additional goods. We happily accepted the challenge to optimize the cubic space, emphasizing modular storage options for fast and organized retrieval.

Initially, our customer was inquiring about a free-standing mezzanine solution that would have met their needs for the space. However, the Atlantic Installation team designed and developed a 48’6” L x 23’ W x 12’ H pallet-rack-supported catwalk storage system, with a deck height of 8. We installed Bar grating for our walkway and also installed a 6’ swing gate The final piece was a custom OSHA staircase which was more cost-effective than the alternative options.

Once all the pieces were in place, we got to work promptly, building our structure off an existing stairway landing. It took us 4 days to finalize the structure and both the customer and AI were ecstatic with the result.

We completed this project ahead of schedule and on target with their budget. We were excited to have the opportunity to make this a satisfying experience for our customer and help on their business journey. Call us or visit our website’s Contact Form if you want prompt and professional service tailored to your needs.

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