Versatile Storage

This week, the Atlantic Installation team is excited to showcase a recent SpeedCell installation for a valued distribution and e-commerce client on the East Coast. SpeedCell is a versatile and functional storage solution, perfect for distribution operations of any size. It is cost-effective, easy to transport, and can be customized to fit within a standard pallet rack. Whether you are installing it for soft goods, clothing, or smaller non-conveyable parts, Speedcell improves pick speed and can be tailored to specific storage needs.

Our client needed to consolidate their high-value, low-moving fragile items into a centralized and easily accessible location, while maximizing their storage space for faster moving inventory. The Atlantic Installation team designed and installed a single deep, six-bay SpeedCell solution on either side of their existing structural pallet rack. This solution increased their SKU density, simplified restocking, and decreased the amount of travel time needed for picking.

We completed the installation on time and with minimal disruption to our client’s operations. With versatile, scalable storage space, our client’s distribution operations can easily grow as their business does. If you’re interested in SpeedCell installation, please give us a call or visit our website’s contact form.

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