We Care About the Environment

Let’s Change the World Together

Atlantic Installation Company is proud to consider itself an ambassador for the environment. In our Continuous Improvement Plan we strive to always decrease our over-all expense on the ecology and helping to create better communities for our future generations. In order to continue to attain these goals, we have laid out the following:

Our Promises

  • Consider Our Impact
    • Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    • “Getting Creative” is one of our specialties – We separate pallet, wood, plastic, and metal for recycling at our job-sites and work hard with our waste vendors to ensure a minimum impact
  • Maintain Company Assets
    • The Best Technicians Require the Best Tools – Our Tool Management Program helps keep track of cleaning and maintaining our tools regularly
    • AI provides Company Vehicles as an alternative to our Team driving their own vehicles to our job-sites. These vehicles are maintained regularly and are kept presentable and professional.
  • Go Digital
    • Reduce Required Printing
    • Use all printed pages as scrap paper
  • Source of Origin
    • AI is conscious of the effects of global shipping and we work diligently to source materials as close to our job-sites as possible.

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