Recyling Plant Custom Store Front Control Room

For more than thirty years, Atlantic Installation has assisted businesses with their material handling needs, including those involving customized structures, modular offices, and mezzanine work platforms. While constructing a massive recycling facility from the ground up, one of our industrial clients required our assistance on several projects.

As one of our more challenging installs, this was a unique building with glass walls that served as a control room on top of a mezzanine that overlooks the whole operation. Because of the project’s complexity, the originally scheduled contractor had canceled, so the customer requested that we construct this control room for them at the last minute.

We only had two days in the schedule to get the materials up on the mezzanine, and everything at this location had to be completed in a limited time. Forklifts and scissor lifts would not be available to the Installation Team since conveyor equipment was supposed to be put beneath the control room. The Installation Manager directed Atlantic Installation as they set out to complete this work. After reviewing all the technical papers and drawings, the crew decided how to approach this challenging installation and began.

Along with many other on-site tasks, the Atlantic installation crew successfully finished the installation. The client was extremely appreciative of all the hard work and effort that went into finishing this crucial section of the new building. The customer is a globally renowned leader in the specialized medical and hazardous waste management business.

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