Wire Crafters Wire Partitions 16'H Sliding Gate

WireCrafters 16’H Wire Partition from Atlantic Installation Company

An Electrical/IT Contractor that was moving into a brand new facility had contacted Atlantic Installation Company to supply and install a #WireCrafters Wire Partition Cage for their parts and tool storage. Because they have their service trucks driving into and out of the building they wanted to secure this area as much as possible to control inventory and security. Atlantic Installation designed and installed a Wire Partition Cage from floor-to-ceiling with one large sliding gate and two swing gates. Custom panels were welded on-site to ensure there were no gaps between the walls or overhead obstacles.

Atlantic Installation Company’s motto “We Install It All!” is being brought to the next level. Please contact us for any questions on custom wire partitions and cages! #wirecrafters #weinstallitall #wirepartitions


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